Monday, March 27, 2017

Congratulations Dandy Donut Lakeside

Click on the following link. Some serious work went into this event. Dan and Mary, this is the way to market our community!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March 21, 2017 Board meeting personal notes


Open Forum consisted of a gentleman who felt I had mis-characterized him during the annual meeting. If that was the case it was unintentional. Most of the rest was support for going with the $419,000 plus Outpost rebuild.

The AQUA update indicated not much new happening during the winter but they had money put away for manhole work in the areas we do our road project. Pat Wren gave the report.

New officers were elected. The results follow...
President Ken Dillenburg
Vice President Rich Witt
Treasurer Jeff Lutzow
Secretary Randy Budreau
Randy Budreau was appointed to the ECC as a new member.

Finance Commission reports our standing at the end of January is Operating Cash of $1,040,865.57, Operating Investments of $399,593.84, Reserve Investments $3,804,751.75. Total Investments $4,204,345.59 and Total Cash $5,245,211.16.
We are currently under budgeted expense by $174,575.44 and over revenue budget $87,298.89, meaning we are “to the good” by $261,874.33 fiscal year to date.
Accounting adjustments for February equal $92.86. Write offs for the month are $69,738.16 for the Boone County owned lots.

Lake Management had a presentation from Clarke Aquatics about the upcoming Milfoil treatment plan. This as well as the skimmer update can be found on this blog down a couple posts. Egg addling will start April 8th. Volunteers needed. Show up by the Rec Center at 9 or slightly before. A sub-commission will be formed to help with the kids fishing tournament this year. Concept plan for above the dip is coming along slowly.

Events asks the board to set up a booth during the Vino and Vintage event and if the board members would man it. I indicated could not help man it but the bosrd authorized it and some members plan to help. Kathi Smith was elected Chair of the commission with Pat Bartels vice-chair and Mary Gerard secretary. Valentine Bingo had 75 participants. Dandy Donuts sold food and donated all proceeds to the Fireworks Fund for the Fourth of July. (Very generous) Lunch with the Easter Bunny tickets are now on sale.

The Rec. Commission says they are having problems with instructors being present as needed for the fitness classes. Karate remains popular and after school runs 12 to 21 kids. Bunko is April 15th Pub Trivia is March 25. Biggest Loser has 28 signed up. Polar Plunge is April 1st at 6:30 p.m. (Fitting it is on April Fool's Day!)

The Roads Commission indicates the decision was made to patch Candlewick Boulevard this year instead of overlay so both inbound and outbound can be done the same year. Roads being given microsurface will be patched before microsurfacing. McClure Engineering is to indicate what is needed for the culvert replacement by Fishermen's Cove.

Communication Commission reports they are still working on the "Anything that Floats" race. The first promotional newspaper ad of the year will appear April 7th.

The Golf Commission had no meeting, no quorum established.

Public Safety says the stop signs at the gates will remain. There will be a drug prevention presentation by Sergeant Dave Dammon of the Belvidere P.D. April 13th at 6 p.m. In the Rec Center.

The Outpost rebuild was again discussed. No firm plan as of this date.

We are waiting for more information from Shawcraft Signs regarding costs and possible proposals for a new East Gate sign. A meeting was also held with Image signs and we are waiting for proposals from them, probably ready for discussion at the April meeting. They built the Savannah Oaks sign.

Savannah Oaks clubhouse is of course currently closed, no report.

A resolution was passed contracting with Turf Maintenance to again handle the contracted grounds maintenance this year.

A resolution was passed authorizing inspection and repairs on our tower guy wires by Prime Time Audio/Video. The tower in Maintenance is missing wires as well as the same situation at the South gate. All of our towers will be inspected and repaired as necessary. This is a liability issue, stability is a must.

A reso was passed hiring McClure Engineering for oversight of our road project this year.

The Boone County Arts Council thanked us for sponsoring the Music in the Park performance upcoming later in the year by the Rec Center.

Be sure to watch for official minutes printed in your Candlewick Paper.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Board meeting of March 21 agenda

Ecoharvester (skimmer) update

Our skimmer is still at the manufacturer. Besides a very high setting on the hydraulic pressure on the left side there are also two arms that need replacement, one broken. It will be repaired, then water tested, then we pick it up, hopefully with the major problems solved. I am guessing another two weeks because the arms must be fabricated. We will need this machine if the algae bloom problems Clarke Aquatics predicted from their treatment come to pass. We are spending some money on this machine, but we want it running and doing it's job. Compared to the over $4,000 we are paying just for lab testing to find the specific genetic makeup of the Milfoil in our lake we will live with it.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Clark Aquatics.... Lord help us!

This is not our lake but it is Milfoil infestation

Lake Management hosted the Clark Aquatics presentation of March 14th. Some sounded good, other aspects were disappointing.
Weather permitting the first application will be at the end of April or beginning of May. It will be in two parts, half the 104 acres coverage first then the other half later. Assurances were given that they would treat the close shoreline, not only the easy to treat deeper water. They will be using Dyquat, the same chemical we have been using in-house. Dyquat is being used because they have not yet determined the genetic structure of the Milfoil and until that is accomplished.. and that will take weeks in a lab.... they don't know what will be best for our specific type, (probably hybrid).
We were forewarned to be patient, this will be a long term thing and as the weeds die they will be fertilizer for algae, meaning probably serious algae blooms. Bottom lining this, we will be paying for these treatments for many years to come. This first treatment if memory serves was $40,000.00 (around $17.00 of each of your dues) and as I said, much more to come. We have no choice if we want the lake usable.
The Milfoil was brought into our lake most probably by a boat carrying some from another lake. It spreads like wildfire. Our current infestation took about two years and we are packed with it. Any part of the plant that is cut from the main stalk will re-root and grow a new plant. This is terrible stuff! It reminds me of the way Creeping Charlie spreads in a lawn.
Clark has worked on several other lakes, including Lake Carroll, which is another association based lake in Carroll County.
The way these association expenses keep mounting it makes me feel like throwing up my arms and saying "I give up!"


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Congratulations to all


Chuck Corso 323 votes, three year term
Gary Kurpeski 309 votes, two year term
Sarah White 263 votes, not a bad vote total

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Savannah Oaks will be opening for the season before too long so it is time to fill staff positions.
Club House Manager, Bartenders, Cart Attendant, and Course Ranger.

The pool will be needing a Pool Manager, Life
Guards (must be certified), and Check in attendants.

Maintenance will need general summer help.

Public Safety is taking applications for Lake Patrol and Gate officer.

Apply for all positions at the main office. Don't wait, these positions will fill.