Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Personal notes, Board meeting of December 20

Board meeting notes... December 20, 2016

Open forum for property owners had no participants

The AQUA update had no new information on upcoming projects.

Finance Commission Finance Commission reports the Finance meeting was cancelled this month due to the crash of our TOPS finance program. It took several days to get the program on line again and it was impossible to pull everything together prior to the board meeting. Everything is looking fine but no report can be generated for this post due to the timing.
Our new Accounting Manager is now in place. Her name is Cindy Childress.
 Accounting adjustments for November equal $772.32. Write offs for the month are $944.66

Lake Management reports the blue/green algae is gone. Wendler has started the drainage survey project. The Clark weed treatment proposal and mapping report are expected soon.

Events reports the Fall Festival has been cancelled at this point and it will be determined later if it should be resurrected. Dandy Donuts will be planning Laketoberfect including a chili cook off. Consideration was given to combining a First Responders Picnic with a Lake/Links event. (I think the combination is a great idea. We are beginning to have so many events it is getting out of hand.) Turkey Bingo had about 75 attendees. Around 140 tickets were purchased for Breakfast with Santa. Valentine Bingo on February tenth is in discussion.

The Roads Commission wishes to have an engineer check Candlewick Drive by Fishermen's Cove to make repair recommendations and indicate the cause of the dip in the road. The goal for next year will be two more miles of micro-surfacing and at least one more mile of overlay. (overlay means full resurfacing over the existing asphalt as you saw last summer) Last summer's road work cost about $236,000.00 and came in under budget. The commission is looking at areas of high shoulders, low spots, wash outs and the like as hot spots for next year's work.

Communication Commission discussed newspaper print dates. Online photo voting for best picture winners will start in January.

The Golf Commission suggests the floor of the clubhouse should be cleaned on a more regular basis plus a professional cleaning twice per year. Survey card results are being compiled to find what course users want to see. The next meeting will be February 8th to set dates for tournaments. More commission members are needed.

The Rec Commission mentions the program participation has held pretty much steady. November 11 Bunco had 24 participants. Twenty people attended the bird feeding presentation December 11th. The Biggest Loser weight loss contest will begin in February. Polar Plunge is planned for April 1 for all the crazies. (I will not be there!)

The Outpost rebuild was again discussed with those involved indicating they are getting alternative estimates in an attempt to get the replacement cost more in line with an acceptable number. More information to follow as it develops. (I am glad to see they are working to conserve your replacement reserves as it should be. Good for them. Your replacement reserves are in great shape and need to remain that way.)

Savannah Oaks clubhouse reports Vino Van Gogh on November 5 crashed and burned this time. (are we doing this too often?) November 12 featured a D.J. And there was a decent turn out. Pub Trivia drew 35. Golf carts have been picked up for the winter. The clubhouse wraps it up with a New Year's Eve party the 31st. That's it until spring!

Savannah Oaks reports the course has been put to bed for the winter with the lines blown and snow mold protection sprayed on the greens. Painting and equipment maintenance is in progress getting ready for spring.

Maintenance reports everything is set for winter and the trucks are ready to go as witnessed by the handling of a couple snow events already this year.

A resolution was passed to repair the broken plumbing under the cement for the baby pool in the amount of $22,000.00. (This is another unexpected cost that will affect our budget next year just as with the professional milfoil spraying that will run even more than the pool repair. These are necessary expenditures to keep our amenities functional. Remember the round number I use... $24,000 in expenditures equals $10.00 in dues. It all adds up!)

Be sure to watch for official minutes printed in your Candlewick Paper.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Not too exciting... as usual

There will be a status report on the outpost replacement but not a lot new to report, still in the investigation stage looking for better bids.
The normal finance report will not be given due to our computer system crashing and being down for days. The Finance meeting will be cancelled for December but as soon as I have the numbers I will post it here for any interested. Probably at least a week away.  Ken

December 20 Board meeting agenda