Wednesday, February 22, 2017

And down she goes again

The skimmer was out on a trial run today and it took just over an hour for the same pump to blow as always. Maintenance said it also might be a cotter pin (they call it a key) but they don't go without some serious stresser. The same side as last time blew.
Back in the shop to continue to try to nail this down before the algae and weeds really start to take off.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Personal meeting minutes from the board meeting of 2/21/2017


Open Forum consisted of Bonnie Marron with a request to keep the Savannah Oaks clubhouse open later than the current plan for weekends.

The AQUA update indicated they will probably be putting new mains at James and Cornwell plus possibly Galahad and Squire. They are still negotiating with Poplar Grove on an agreement to obtain water from them into our system if another well problem arises in the future. AQUA also intends to change out another 1200 meters.

Finance Commission reports our standing at the end of January is Operating Cash of $1,094,429.71, Operating Investments of $520,723.01, Reserve Investments $3,675,984.20. Total Investments $4,196,707.21 and Total Cash $5,291,136.92.
We are currently under budgeted expense by $154,656.55 and over revenue budget $83,213.75, meaning we are “to the good” by $237,870.30 fiscal year to date.
Accounting adjustments for January equal $124.89. Write offs for the month are $42,486.57

Lake Management asked the board to change the guest fishing permit to match state regulations for legally blind and disabled, not to need a guest permit if they have a state disabled card. Resolution first reading, no action.
Clark (weed control) will make a presentation at their meeting in March. No new fish structure was added this winter. The limit for keeping Northerns went from one to two for residents and one for guests. Frankly, I wish there was a limit of about 10 under sixteen inches. We are being overrun with these. I guess state law dictates, which is ridiculous since we paid to stock the pike.

Maintenance has reversed the orientation of the hydraulic pump that keeps failing on the Ecoharvester to see if that helps. All failures have been on one side of the machine. There are two pumps. They also have changed the axles from on side to the other to see if that causes the pump that has never failed to do so. If it does that should mean it is a problem in the drive axle. It will be tested as soon as the lake is open. I know, more info than needed!

Events tells us Kathi Smith will remain the chair for the commission. Breakfast with Santa was a success. Lunch with the Easter Bunny is in the planning stage. Garage sales advertising and logistics were discussed and are on track.
Vino and Vintage-Dandy Donuts was discussed. Mary has some sponsors already on board and is waiting for more responses. Help will be needed to make this a successful event.

The Roads Commission indicates they would like to pave Briarcliff to Constitution and the East Gate area from '76 to the first Lamplighter Loop. Proposed micro-surfacing will be Constitution from Candlewick Drive to Gables, Candlewick Boulevard, Redman, Drury, and Marquette from Gables to Benedict. An engineer will be coming out this month to look at a couple culverts and give recommendations for remediation. Discussion was held on the purchase of a road shoulder retriever. No decision at this time.

Communication Commission reports the Boone County Magazine will carry our ad again this year. Our ads in the Daily Herald will be starting again April 7.

The Golf Commission had no meeting

Public Safety is considering recommending removal of stop signs at the East gate. I personally feel this will be a danger and would be a mistake. Our Public Safety Chief will be working to make the information about how to contact the front gate for assistance easier for residents.

The Rec Commission announced fitness classes are offered on an 8 week basis at a cost of $30.00. Karate is averaging 15 youth and 5 adults per class. After school is running 8 to 21 kids daily. Preschool has 7 enrolled. January had 20 attend for Bunco.
22 people signed up for "Biggest Loser." Pub Trivia had 6 teams.

The Outpost rebuild was again discussed and another town hall will be held March 12 to get input from the community. It will run 1 to 3 p.m. More info to come.

Shawcraft Signs provided a basic design suggestion for a new entryway sign for our main gate. Shawcraft will be ontacted with a request for a more striking entry sign. Their curreent proposal was o.k. but did not present the striking first image we are looking for. Back to the drawing board.

Savannah Oaks clubhouse is of course currently closed.

The board discussed the current campfire rules at the request of a property owner who feels the health issues from the smoke are a concern and outdoor fires should be eliminated. The board discussed the issue and decided the current rule is sufficient.

The board publicly thanked Rich Witt for cleaning litter from both sides of Caledonia Road from Dawson Lake Road to Kelly road. This is a board project but Rich took it upon himself to handle it. Another good neighbor was also thanked for the efforts of her family. Nancy Wieczorek decided it was time to handle the litter problem at our South gate and cleaned the litter, changing it from an eyesore to a pleasure to behold. I have to note, in this small amount of time litter is again appearing in those locations. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE????

A resolution was not passed to replace the worn carpet with tile in the office in the Rec Center. The issue will be revisited at a later date.

A resolution was passed contracting with Tallgrass for stewardship of our bioswale plantings for another year.

A reso was passed contracting with Kutchins Robbins and Diamond to handle the Candlewick audit this year.

Announcement was made of the special Board meeting March 7th for final passage of the 2017/2018 Candlewick budget. It contains a $24.00 increase in yearly dues.

Be sure to watch for official minutes printed in your Candlewick Paper.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


 The company handling the lake weed control spring spraying will be at the next Lake Management meeting.
Let's hope the treatment is very effective or we will have one rough summer!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Well folks, they are still there

 Our end of the lake is now open and the weeds are thick as heck. The mild winter has given us no help in that respect. My understanding is the folks who will be performing the professional spraying this spring will be at the next Lake Management meeting to explain how this will be handled. I hope to make it and maybe you should as well if the weeds are worrying you as they do me.
 Still not confirmed they will be at the meeting but that is what I was told.  Ken

Saturday, January 28, 2017

February 5th, can you spare two hours? (Starts at 1)

This is the day of the candidate's forum. Come to have your questions answered by the candidates so you can make a good selection of the people you wish to have make the decisions for Candlewick. It will last about an hour... then comes the....
This should take about another hour. Take a look at how your dues are being spent and get your questions answered. The budget actually came out a lot better than I anticipated but it is still good to view the final results.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Savannah Oaks changes

These are the plans for the coming season regarding the clubhouse. The decision was made we are not operating a bar, it is just a convenience for the golfers.

The clubhouse will close one half hour after golf is over.
Clubhouse hours will coincide with the golf season.
The food menu will be simplified and condensed.
Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) will be only the good sellers to control inventory.
Tobacco products will be eliminated.
The "chip" program is discontinued.

These changes are to stem the losses we have been taking in the clubhouse operation yearly.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Another interesting statistic

 The only logic I can see in this is my last name being Dillenburg, which is German. Otherwise why would anyone in Europe care about the blog? These stats are this month through the 17th.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Board meeting of January 17, 2017

Open Forum consisted of Noah Currier from Wounded Warriors mentioning ABC has been filming the Wounded Warrior program including the new facility at Candlewick. It is to air in April and should be good publicity for Candlewick. He said they need to put hard flooring in the facility and do some bathroom remodeling for handicapped access so anyone willing to help should contact him.

The AQUA update indicated they are in the process of planning for next year's main replacements. The new well will not be built and will mean a huge savings. Instead they will be using a connection with Poplar Grove if there is a failure again where water can be sent to us, avoiding the last problem we had.

Finance Commission Finance Commission reports the budgeting process is in high gear with the proposed budget about set to go for the next fiscal year.
Our standing at the end of December is Operating Cash of $1,080,327.64, Operating Investments of $520,651.14, Reserve Investments $3,669,888.50. Total Investments $4,190,539.64 and Total Cash of $5,270,867.28.
We are currently under budgeted expense by $143,367.07 and over revenue budget $69,991.91, meaning we are “to the good” by $213,358.95 fiscal year to date.
Accounting adjustments for December equal $479.78. Write offs for the month are $327.01

Lake Management reports Wendler Engineering has the engineering report almost finished regarding the possible settlement/retention area between Caledonia Road and the "dip." Clark estimates we will need to treat about 104 acres to get control of the Milfoil in the lake. Further treatment will be necessary. Additional limbs will be added to lake structure if available.

Events cancelled their meeting.

The Roads Commission discussed the areas for work in 2017, possibly continuing the two inch overlay on Candlewick Drive from where it ended in 2016 and extending another mile. Discussion was held about which is better, microsurfacing, chip/seal, or slag. No final verdict yet. A suggestion was made to purchase a shoulder retriever.

Communication Commission cancelled their meeting.

The Golf Commission cancelled their meeting.

Public Safety had a meeting but Val Alt was injured in a fall outside and the meeting was stopped at that point to give her aid. Nothing of substance had been discussed prior.

The Rec Commission meeting was cancelled.
It was decided the punch cards used in the Rec Center will be discontinued but of course the outstanding cards will be honored.

The Outpost rebuild was again discussed with further study looking for a less expensive option.

A meeting was held with ShawCraft Signs to indicate our preferences regarding a new East Gate entry sign. The old one is in bad shape, is placed too far from '76 for viewing, and is dated. The representative is to report with proposals for a new, modern, striking sign to represent our community. It is time to upgrade our curb appeal.

Savannah Oaks clubhouse will sport less hours next year and a less extensive food availability. We lose money every day the clubhouse is open and we must stem the bleeding as much as possible. The clubhouse is for the convenience of golfers and is not to be a neighborhood bar. New hours and food availability will be published here soon for your perusal.

Savannah Oaks reports Pub Trivia had a good turnout Dec. 10th. Pub Trivia will be at the Rec Center for the winter. The New Years Eve party had attendence of about 50. The clubhouse is now closed for the season.

A resolution was passed moving the 401K plan from Alpine Bank to Principal Financial. This was due to the fee structure at Alpine.

A resolution was passed contracting with Clarke Aquatic Services to treat approximately 104 acres of the lake to control invasive weed species plus obtain and have a lab identify specific species to have proper chemicals used. The cost for this will be $39,165.00. This is not in our budget but is a necessary expense to control the unexpected milfoil population. Another budget buster!

A reso was passed to replace the two rusting metal doors in the Pool House at a cost of $4,647.19. This is coming from our replacement reserves so no budget problem here.

Be sure to watch for official minutes printed in your Candlewick Paper.

I am sure some are wondering

Monday morning was the last chance to turn in a candidacy statement for the board election. There are two seats available and we have three candidates running. Chuck Corso, Gary Kurpeski, and Sarah White have turned in their paperwork (Listed in the order they turned in information). Be sure to read the February paper to see their views on Candlewick and remember to attend the candidate forum to hear them field questions. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

I am amazed.

As I published the board agenda I decided to take a look at the page views. Since I stopped almost all posting I expected to have a very small number. Look below! Why? I haven't a clue but thanks for the interest.  Ken

January 17, 2017 Board meeting agenda

Monday, January 2, 2017

Pool table free

We are giving away Darrell's (my son) pool table. It is in the basement and is in pretty good shape. New felt wouldn't hurt. All you have to do is take it apart and get it out of his basement and it is yours. Included are the balls and a couple sticks.
Give me a call if you are interested. Ken 815-978-3559

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Some new information

 The office will be getting this message out through e-blast and our message boards but there will actually be two seats up for grabs in the board election. Greg Waite has resigned due to a job promotion and a move from Candlewick so his seat plus Don Parisi's will both be open.
 Information to this point indicated just Don's term had expired so one open seat.
 I hope some really great people will decide to run.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Personal notes, Board meeting of December 20

Board meeting notes... December 20, 2016

Open forum for property owners had no participants

The AQUA update had no new information on upcoming projects.

Finance Commission Finance Commission reports the Finance meeting was cancelled this month due to the crash of our TOPS finance program. It took several days to get the program on line again and it was impossible to pull everything together prior to the board meeting. Everything is looking fine but no report can be generated for this post due to the timing.
Our new Accounting Manager is now in place. Her name is Cindy Childress.
 Accounting adjustments for November equal $772.32. Write offs for the month are $944.66

Lake Management reports the blue/green algae is gone. Wendler has started the drainage survey project. The Clark weed treatment proposal and mapping report are expected soon.

Events reports the Fall Festival has been cancelled at this point and it will be determined later if it should be resurrected. Dandy Donuts will be planning Laketoberfect including a chili cook off. Consideration was given to combining a First Responders Picnic with a Lake/Links event. (I think the combination is a great idea. We are beginning to have so many events it is getting out of hand.) Turkey Bingo had about 75 attendees. Around 140 tickets were purchased for Breakfast with Santa. Valentine Bingo on February tenth is in discussion.

The Roads Commission wishes to have an engineer check Candlewick Drive by Fishermen's Cove to make repair recommendations and indicate the cause of the dip in the road. The goal for next year will be two more miles of micro-surfacing and at least one more mile of overlay. (overlay means full resurfacing over the existing asphalt as you saw last summer) Last summer's road work cost about $236,000.00 and came in under budget. The commission is looking at areas of high shoulders, low spots, wash outs and the like as hot spots for next year's work.

Communication Commission discussed newspaper print dates. Online photo voting for best picture winners will start in January.

The Golf Commission suggests the floor of the clubhouse should be cleaned on a more regular basis plus a professional cleaning twice per year. Survey card results are being compiled to find what course users want to see. The next meeting will be February 8th to set dates for tournaments. More commission members are needed.

The Rec Commission mentions the program participation has held pretty much steady. November 11 Bunco had 24 participants. Twenty people attended the bird feeding presentation December 11th. The Biggest Loser weight loss contest will begin in February. Polar Plunge is planned for April 1 for all the crazies. (I will not be there!)

The Outpost rebuild was again discussed with those involved indicating they are getting alternative estimates in an attempt to get the replacement cost more in line with an acceptable number. More information to follow as it develops. (I am glad to see they are working to conserve your replacement reserves as it should be. Good for them. Your replacement reserves are in great shape and need to remain that way.)

Savannah Oaks clubhouse reports Vino Van Gogh on November 5 crashed and burned this time. (are we doing this too often?) November 12 featured a D.J. And there was a decent turn out. Pub Trivia drew 35. Golf carts have been picked up for the winter. The clubhouse wraps it up with a New Year's Eve party the 31st. That's it until spring!

Savannah Oaks reports the course has been put to bed for the winter with the lines blown and snow mold protection sprayed on the greens. Painting and equipment maintenance is in progress getting ready for spring.

Maintenance reports everything is set for winter and the trucks are ready to go as witnessed by the handling of a couple snow events already this year.

A resolution was passed to repair the broken plumbing under the cement for the baby pool in the amount of $22,000.00. (This is another unexpected cost that will affect our budget next year just as with the professional milfoil spraying that will run even more than the pool repair. These are necessary expenditures to keep our amenities functional. Remember the round number I use... $24,000 in expenditures equals $10.00 in dues. It all adds up!)

Be sure to watch for official minutes printed in your Candlewick Paper.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Not too exciting... as usual

There will be a status report on the outpost replacement but not a lot new to report, still in the investigation stage looking for better bids.
The normal finance report will not be given due to our computer system crashing and being down for days. The Finance meeting will be cancelled for December but as soon as I have the numbers I will post it here for any interested. Probably at least a week away.  Ken

December 20 Board meeting agenda

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Board meeting unofficial notes

Board meeting notes... November 15, 2016

Open forum for property owners featured Pam Cangelosi speaking on the untimely passing of John Schultz and Karl Steiskal speaking on the necessity of promoting Candlewick with events bringing in outside folks to show off our community

The AQUA update included discussion of the problem using flowable fill on Prince Court with the main replacement. It would involve leaving the trench open and a danger to residents so an alternative was used. Further note was made on the type fill used and the necessity of longer notice of upcoming projects.

Finance Commission has not met yet this month so no report. Finance meets on the third Monday, which is next week. We do, however, have the accounting adjustments of $0 this month and write offs in the amount of $1,850.02

Lake Management reports Blue green algae is still present in very limited quantity and testing will be performed when it clears. Milfoil is spreading in our lake so quotes are being obtained for a professional spraying to get this under control early spring. The fish delivery came including 1,100 Smallmouth Bass and 2,200 Walleye. The leaf collection went well with plenty of volunteers.

Events reports $143.00 came in from the Chili Cook-off / Fall Festival with 60 to 70 in attendance. Consideration is being given to not charging for the chili tasting. Decision to come later. Turkey Bingo will be a go again this year. Breakfast with Santa tickets go on sale November 28th through December 5.

Communication Commission is considering online voting for the photo contests. (Good idea!)There is consideration of adding elves to the Christmas display at Sinnissippi Gardens.

The Rec Commission mentions program attendance is about the same. If attendance drops the class will be discontinued. 28 people came to Bunco. Lake and Link fest was discussed. A new elliptical machine was delivered.

The Outpost rebuild was discussed in depth. The architect was in attendance to explain why the projected cost is so high and ways to possibly reduce the building cost. I had some months ago indicated in my President's Prerogative I would be on board after I did some research on the affect on dues of a $300,000 structure. Since the Outpost had been depreciating many years in our replacement reserves and with a depreciation of the new structure over 39 years it would be doable with little affect on our replacement reserve yearly donation. The number is coming in far, far above the $300,000 at over $600,000.00. I can not see how we would be filling our fuduciary responsibility if we spend over a half million dollars on a building that is used mainly for party rental and free usage. It would take about 20% of our total reserves for that one project.That being said, I for one can no longer support the rebuild and feel an alternative such as a pavilion should be considered.
Your board decided to allow the commission more time to bring in a proposal that is financially acceptable. More to come.

Public Safety Commission tells us the elimination of exit stop signs at the East and West gate is being discussed. Recommendation will come at the next meeting. I have some concern about cars going through the out lanes at 25 miles per hour if someone comes around the gate house. Cars also often change lanes right after passing the guardhouse. Risky in my opinion. John Schwartz has stepped down as chairman of the commission. Pam Cangelosi will take his place.
It is with extreme sadness I have to report John Schwartz passed away since that last Public Safety meeting. He was a fine man who always was very concerned about and involved in Candlewick matters. Pam Cangelosi spoke of him glowingly in the public segment.

Savannah Oaks clubhouse reports the End of Season tournament went well with 23 participants. Sixty five people turned out for the very successful Halloween party. The final Pub Trivia will be December 3rd and the last day open for the club house will be December 31st for the New Year's Party. The clubhouse is still struggling and the numbers are not good compared with last year. Revenue is up but additional costs are far exceeding revenue. We must stop the bleeding by any means possible.
Savannah Oaks reports the course is being set for winter with the suction line from the pond removed and blown out along with the irrigation lines. The course should be in good shape for the winter and the spring opening.

Maintenance reports along with their normal duties the winter buoys are now in and summer buoys out. The beach area is set for winter as well. The pool is winterized and the carpet cleaned at Savannah Oaks.

Resolutions were passed detailing the private lake weed control rule, A contract renewal for Links Management to handle Savannah Oaks course maintenance with the same cost structure, replacement of four lake aerator compressors that have died, and move the maintenance of our 401K from Alpine bank due to a cost increase.

Mary and Dan from Dandy Donuts presented ideas for promoting our community through more events. Two events that sound quite interesting were approved. There will be no cost to Candlewick.

Discussion was held regarding the possibility of trying an event tentatively names 'Lake an Links." Several events would be featured that day and gates would be opened for part of the day. $3,000.00 was requested to cover the event. My feeling on this issue is we already have our gates open more than we should and we have plenty of celebrations. Our property owners let us know in no uncertain terms they want our gates up and we are getting requests way too often to open them. We are in budgeting season and the board has had to deny many requests from commissions and departments, including no camera for Administration, no dock extension for Lake Management, no new T.V. for Savannah Oaks, no greens blower for the golf course, no storage shed for Maintenance, and more... but what the heck, let's throw a big party and let everyone in from the outside. I say let's take care of our own needs. We already allocated another $5,000 last year for advertising to our east and we don't need to add another $3,000 to the venture by trying to pull in those same people from the east. These things become a permanent part of our budget and raise dues forever. Another point to consider about the open gates, there are people who specifically are not wanted in our community both through being banned by your HOA and specific problems they have caused for individual propery owners. They will have free rein in these instances of open gates.
Your board decided to allow it for one year on a trial basis and revisit it next year.

Your board discussed the issue which was brought up regarding allowing people wanting to drive through our community a pass for two hours. The suggestion was to let the gates issue passes. Currently the office handles this but there is really no good tracking procedure and some can not enter if they do not come during office hours. Here is my take on the issue... we already have open gates for open house hours, or they can get in any time with a realtor. We are, after all, a gated community and that in itself is a draw. If we allow the gates to handle it we will have tied up traffic at the gates, people will just be showing up as they wish to take advantage of our amenities, some may want to come in that are not wanted here by specific residents due to certain issues. Again, we need to keep our gated status as solid as possible. It seems we are constantly being asked to throw open the gates.
Your board decided to allow no passes to be processed at the gates.

A proposal was discussed regarding an outside company spraying for the Milfoil, which is very invasive and spreading like wildfire in the shallower water near the shorelines. I questioned the bid submitted, which to me included unnecessary items having nothing to do with mapping the areas in need of spraying.
Your board decided since we must have the Milfoil eradicated we should go with the proposal to get the process started. It will be expensive but we have no choice if the lake is not to get choked.

Be sure to watch for official minutes printed in your Candlewick Paper.

John Schwartz was a fine man and will be greatly missed.

Every time I ran into John he had a smile for me. John had a great smile that would warm a room. What a loss to our community. So sad.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

If I might suggest...

 I see some of you are checking back daily to see if I have posted. If you look to the right near the top you will see a place you can sign up to be notified of a new post. It says "follow by email." I do not see who has signed up so no privacy issue.
 I will only be posting my board notes and other items you may not see from other CWL sources so checking daily is wasting your time. (but thanks for being interested!)

Board meeting agenda for Tuesday, November 15th