Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May 16, 2017 personal board meeting notes


Open Forum consisted of testimony asking for higher horsepower on the lake, fundraising activities, the possibility of boat trailers parking on the grass, vacant lot mowing complaints, and in general spending more money on amenities.

The AQUA update indicated we have a new rep, Beth Penisis. She has EPA experience prior to this. AQUA plans to have a town forum soon to explain their proposed rate increase. There may be an ECC hearing as well.

Finance Commission reports our standing at the end of April is Operating Cash of $1,665,449.76, Operating Investments of $400,181.87, Reserve Investments $3,807,082.96. Total Investments $4,207,264.83 and Total Cash $5,872,714.59.
We are currently under budgeted expense by $412,201.00 and under revenue budget $86,657.49, meaning we came out “to the good” by $325,554.35 at the end of our fiscal year.
Accounting adjustments for April equal $450.00. Write offs for the month are $2,765.29

Lake Management indicates there was discussion after property owner requests about raising the horsepower limit on our lake to 90 from 75. The final vote was to recommend to the board to leave the limit as is.
Egg addling is done for the year and it was commented how many fewer nests there are now than when this started years ago. The project is working well! Saturday morning, June 3, there will be a free boat safety inspection for those interested. It will be by the Rec Center and those participating will receive a sticker for their boat indicating the inspection was passed. The same day will be the Bass Tournament. The Kid's Fishing Tournament is planned for June 11th.
The concept plan for the area above "The Dip" is continuing with a new twist. Not a lot of information available yet but my understanding is it is a deep rooted plant to be used and "floating Islands." Don't ask me.... more information to come. It is supposed to be quite effective and a reasonably priced alternative to a lot of excavation work. Still developing.
The EcoHarvestor lift arms do not appear to be strong enough to lift the weight of the cutter wheel so the current plan is to beef up the arms or use a smaller fabricated wheel to avoid damage to the arms again. The machine can be run as a skimmer without the wheel and we will be doing no weed cutting for some time so running it that way is also an option. So far no hydraulic motors have blown since getting it back from the manufacturer but we are not pleased with their work quality so we are going to modify the machine ourselves as necessary in an attempt to make it more durable and effective. Norm Pierce has been looking at it to make recommendations going forward along with our Maintenance Department. Thanks go to him for his important input.

Events had no report

The Rec. Commission says fitness and yoga classes are cancelled until fall. Summer camp enrollment is slow but it is still early. Preschool and after school are about done for the year. Only three new dog tags have been sold for the dog park this year so far. The pool is almost set to go. There will be a summer biggest loser contest due to popular demand.
Moving the sand volleyball, bocce, and horseshoes to Friendship Park is under discussion. The pergola by the Rec Center is being replaced by Crimson Valley Landscaping.

The Roads Commission's meeting was cancelled but road work is to begin shortly after school is out for the summer to avoid conflict with school buses. Microsurfacing, patching, and crack fill will be first. Request for bids are going out for the resurfacing aspect of the project.
Shoulder work will continue as well.

You may have noticed the new Candlewick Bioswale signs going up. This serves the purpose of letting visitors as well as residents know these are not simply areas left unmown, but are part of a lake project.

The Golf Course report shows we are into the season of mowing and maintaining the course. Weed spraying continues and sand traps are being worked on to make them better playing surfaces.

The Outpost rebuild was again discussed. The property owner survey results were reviewed. Rich Witt brought information to the board about a rebuild using the existing structure but replacing the roof profile, removing the old siding to insulate and rewire then replacing it with new siding. Interior renovations, new windows, and more would also be included in the proposal. It would be an attractive, functional building and come in close to the amount budgeted in reserves. Your Board agreed to pursue this option, getting specifics necessary for bidding, putting it out for bids, and getting this show on the road after over two years of information gathering. We want this to move A.S.A.P.

New East Gate signage proposals were discussed. Your Board voted to contract with Image Signs for the new entrance sign. It will be large and eye catching. There will be a light house on each end of the sign and the lighthouse tops will be illuminated just like real lighthouses. You will be impressed as will all visitors. It is expected to be in place in three to four months barring unforseen circumstances. This will make a great first impression for our community.

After discussion regarding the horsepower limit on our lake the board decided to increase the limit to 90 horse to facilitate boats that can no longer be purchased wtih 75s.

Discussion was also held regarding citations being issued to property owners when businesses they call in violate the rules of Candlewick Your Board decided to work on new rules to be discussed at the next board meeting.

There was a first reading of a rule clarifying and restating the stipulations in place and disallowing short term rentals. There will be no action until it is published in our paper and voted on by the board

Savannah Oaks clubhouse reports their new pizza is getting a good reception. (It is good. I have tried it.) There are 36 participants this year in men's league. Everyone seems happy with the new hours. Don't forget the May 27th tournament at 9 a.m.

A zoning change was submitted for the area next to the Dollar General starting across from Candlewick Boulevard. I will post the specifics later this week if you are interested.

A resolution was passed to purchase a replacement vehicle for Public Safety since the old one has seen it's better days. Funds will come from replacement reserves.

A resolution was passed buying a new LED message board for the West gate since it is already budgeted and the one currently there is pieced together from old parts and could again fail at any time. The cost is covered in replacement reserves.

A resolution was passed replacing the old maintenance boat that has been used for weed spraying with a small pontoon boat with a new motor and a boom sprayer to more effectively handle the necessary lake weed control. This will be funded by the replacement reserves.

A resolution was passed using budgeted replacement reserve funds to replace five picnic tables and four benches.

Be sure to watch for official minutes printed in your Candlewick Paper.