Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April 18 Board Meeting Notes


Open Forum consisted of complaints about the shortened Savannah Oaks Clubhouse hours and allowed boat motor size (wanting larger motors allowed). The decision was made later in the evening to allow later hours if there are sufficient numbers of patrons to stay open. Larger boat motors were first not allowed at all, then it was decided they could be used here if they used only trolling motors, next if they went only at idle. Now they are wanting to go the speed limit. Do you see any pattern here? The current limit is 75 horse. The Outpost was discussed as well. An idea was put forth of ways of funding using donations, buy a brick, etc as sources. Long range planning was suggested since we no longer have a long range planning commission. Possible partnering with other entities in a regional plan.

The AQUA update indicated they are going for another rate increase. The filing will be for a 13% increase but they know going in this will not happen. (This is the way the game is played. They go in purposely high and the ruling body cuts it back, indicating how well they are watching out for the rate payers. It is a joke in my opinion.)

The dues reduction raffle drawing was held with 5 winners receiving a credit of $562.00 from their dues. The winners are Dave Rasonova, Placo, Tamera Wyman, Tyler Ramsey, and Frankie Sierra. CONGRATULATIONS!

Finance Commission reports our standing at the end of March is Operating Cash of $1,080,205.95, Operating Investments of $400,178.58, Reserve Investments $3,796,449.66. Total Investments $$4,196,628.24 and Total Cash $5,276,834.19.
We are currently under budgeted expense by $187,496.17 and over revenue budget $101,538.22, meaning we are “to the good” by $289,034.39 fiscal year to date.
Accounting adjustments for February equal $450.00. Write offs for the month are $86,045.04 (some year end accounts clean up)

Lake Management indicates Clarke Aquatics is still on schedule with starting the weed treatment the end of April or first of May. They found the Milfoil we have is a hybrid so we know what we are dealing with. In discussions with Joe Rush (biologist) it was determined we should also use a chelated copper solution to knock the algae from the weeds for better absorption of the chemicals used in the treatment. This will cost about another $2,500.00 but to get the weeds under control it will be a small price to pay.
The skimmer was picked up this Monday after repairs and maintenance. It will not be used for weed cutting at the present due to the upcoming chemical weed treatment. It will be used for algae removal as needed.
Egg addling started April 8th, with 8 nests found containing 33 eggs, meaning 33 less resident geese in the future. More discussion on invasive species affecting our lake and the importance of not allowing this to happen with boats coming back from other lakes carrying the material. A concept plan development is still in the planning stages, looking toward a vegitative plan to filter nitrates from the runoff before entering our lake. Tom Pinkowski Sr. is putting together plans for the Kid's Fishing Tournament. He is seeking donations of time and money needed to put on the event. Fish shocking is scheduled for the last week in April to see what our stocking needs will be for the upcoming year as well as the general health of our fishery.
There was much discussion on allowing higher horse motors to run at normal speed on our lake rather than just at idle. Research will continue on the topic and there will be further discussion at the May meeting.

Events tells us the Easter Bunny lunch went over well. Vino and Vintage already has 30 vendors signed up. There will be a volunteer sign up sheet at the next meeting. Kohls in Rockford and Machesney park have approved the event and if they get five volunteers from each store a $500.00 donation will be given from each. (Way to go Mary!) Fourth of July planning is starting with the band being selected and the fireworks contract being set.

The Rec. Commission says youth Karate numbers have been holding steady with the adult classes increasing. Pub Trivia had 19 participants.

The Roads Commission recommends contracting with Schmitt Engineering for services regarding some necessary culvert replacements. The proposed paving this season will be a 2" overlay Candlewick Drive from Briarcliff to Rockaway plus two patches and one overlay section on Candlewick Boulevard. Microsurfacing is set for to begin June 5th with the crackfill accomplished prior to the microsurfacing.

The Golf Course report indicates a pre-emergent crabgrass preventer has been applied to handle the problem we had with it last year. The course is looking good, a little wet, but very playable. Sand traps are smoothed and all is ready.

The Outpost rebuild was again discussed. Our General Manager wrote a series of simple questions that will be part of an on-line survey as well as published in our upcoming paper to get a handle on the preference of the property owners regarding how they would like to proceed with the project. The board reviewed the questions for non-biased framing and authorized the survey. The project if built with an added pavilion will go well over budget so before possibly proceeding it is important we have the P.O.s input.

New East Gate signage proposals were discussed. Information was received from Image Signs. Signs Now declined to give an estimate and ShawCraft asked for payment to design suggestions. The Image Signs information was passed along to the board for review. Image Signs constructed the Savannah Oaks sign. No action at this time but the board needs to be in the loop as we proceed. We expect to have a solid proposal at the next meeting.

Savannah Oaks clubhouse is now open with an new oven, painting finished, tile replaced, and all cleaned up for the new season. A new pizza will be tried this year that they say is comperable to Pizza Hut pizza. Men's league starts May 4th. May sixth will feature the first tournament. Ten a.m. Shotgun start, $25.00 entry fee. Two person scramble. May 25 will start youth league sign-ups with a tentative start date of June 8th. May 27th will be the Memorial Weekend tournament with another 2 person true alternate shot, $25.00 entry fee, and a nine a.m. shotgun start. New driving nets are planned for May purchase. Another attempt will be made to start a woman's league this year. Sign up sheet will be in the club house.

The Caledonia Road clean up is scheduled for April 25, next Tuesday. Want to help? Meet at the West gate at five p.m.
Candlewick Clean up Day will be April 29th (rain date the 30th) and help is always appreciated. Just show up at the rec center and we will have the bags and hopefully enough grabbers. Want to start Friday? The Rec Center will have what you need.

A resolution was passed funding the use of a copper chemical mix along with the proposed weed control chemicals to aid in absorption and better results.

A policy change allowing disabled folks to fish without a Candlewick permit had it's second reading and passed.

A resolution was passed retaining our current legal council for another year.

A resolution was passed regarding replacing the Pergola at the Rec Denter with what should be an almost maintenance free aluminum frame, vinyl exterior unit. This is a reserve funded item.

A resolution was passed to purchase a road shoulder retriever to be used in house with our ongoing roads projects. The retriever will help with the shouldering of the roads, diminishing the amount of water seeping under the roads causing damage. Funded from reserves.

A resolution was passed hiring Schmitt Engineering to handle engineering work for two culvert replacements. This is a reserves funded expense.

For any reading this and not understanding what reserves funding is, that term indicates monies have been added yearly to the replacement reserves fund to use to replace things we have already added as they wear our or need replacing. Your dues normally have already covered those expenses to a great degree or completely. It is planning ahead.

Be sure to watch for official minutes printed in your Candlewick Paper.